What is a Family Reunion? 
Answer:  A time to enjoy the family legacy with love and fellowship.

Who is Joe Harris?
Answer:  A patriarch who was a father and a respected pillar within the Johnston SC community.

Where will the Reunion Be held in 2020?
Answer: Atlanta GA

Who are the Reunion Organizers?
Answer: Nylor P. Coleman (Great Grand Daughter of Joe Harris) 770-608-7582 and Fredericka Coleman Washington (Great Great Grand Daughter of Joe Harris) 770-265-9215.

What are the dates for the Reunion?
Answer: To be announced Soon

What is the  Reunion Cost?
Answer:  it is coming soon! The Atlanta Reunion Organizers are determined to keep the cost as low as possible while presenting a diverse, comfortable,  fun-fullled, peaceful environment for the 0 year old to the oldest.  

What is the preferred Transportation in the Atlanta area?
Answer: Trolley, Subway, Motorized Scooters, Motorized Bikes, Uber, Lyft, Marta, and personal cars, Walking, Running.  

What will be the Reunion takeaway?
Answer: Family means "everything."